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Through the analysis and consultancy activity of “La Bottega del Vino“, which he founded in 1976, Giorgio Mariotti became aware of the typicality of the wines produced on the sandy soils of the “ungrafted” vineyards of Bosco Eliceo, becoming one of the promoters of the DOC obtained in 1989. Since 1998 Mariotti has decided to directly vinify the grapes of particularly suitable vineyards, including the vineyard of the “Fondo Luogaccio“, in San Giuseppe di Comacchio, a typical area of ​​the autochthonous Fortana, locally known as Golden grapes.

In 2009 the agronomic management of the farm was entrusted to Mirco Mariotti, who after studying Oenology at the University of the Sacred Heart of Piacenza, began collaborating with his sister Barbara in the family business.

To date, the vineyard of the “Fondo Luogaccio”, which is located within the Natura 2000 site called “Duna di San Giuseppe”, is recognized by the Emilia Romagna Region as a historic vineyard with the name of “Duna della Puia“, an ancient toponym of the area.

The aim of the company is to produce local wines in the wake of the tradition of Emilian wines, with particular attention to the ancestral “refermentation in the bottle”, which gives sparkling wines a depth and a capacity for evolution that is difficult to achieve with other production techniques.

From this attention of the Mariotti family, the project to enhance the Ferrarese viticulture called “Terroir Ferrara” was also born.